Product model RAP-36 Polyester Putty (CHPO) Product category Polyester Putty
Product details RAP-36 Polyester PuttyCar Paint Auto Paint Car Coating Automotive Paint Car Refinish
RAP-36 Polyester Putty (CHPO System)
Characteristic  Two component fast drying polyester putty with good filling power and sand ability. Easy to fill up holes and uneven metal surface. Stir well before use. Do not restore the used putty to the original can. Mix with hardener by right ratio. Blend them well to avoid cracking or poor curing.  The putty hardener is flammable, explosive and irritating to skin. Avoid contact with skin. Spread a thin coat once on the surface. Deep repair area better spread with several thin coats. Do not apply topcoat on putty directly to avoid loss of gloss of topcoat.
Substrate Epoxy primer surface, steel, glass steel and other surfaces
Substrates Treatment Use solvent & sander to thoroughly remove rust, phosphorus, oil stains, old paint film and moisture on the surface
Mixing Ratio Putty : Hardener = 100  : 2-3 by weight  (adjusted according to temperature)
Pot Life 8-15 minutes@20
Drying Time 50-60minutes@20
Sandability Grain sanding with P80-P180 fine sanding with P180-P320
Shelf Life 6 months since the production date if sealed and kept in a cool and dry place
Packing 4KG*4 cans/carton