Product model RAP-44 1K Spot Putty Product category 1K Spot Putty
Product details RAP-44 1K Spot PuttyCar Paint Auto Paint Car Coating Automotive Paint Car Refinish
RAP-44 1K Spot Putty
Characteristic Single-component Filler (red plaster, putty). The single-component putty is type of quick-drying filling material for patching sand paper scratches and minor dent. Excellent coverage and easy to hide small flaws,suitable to cover sand holes and pinholes. easy to apply and sand.
Scrape Method Scrape directly, volatile time for each layer is 15 minutes
Substrates Surface clean one-component and two-component primer surface. Well constructed polyester putty surface. It is not suitable for the surface of bare iron sheet and cannot be used as putty.
Drying Time 20 minutes@20
Shelf Life 2 years since the production date if sealed and kept in a cool and dry place
Packing 1L*12 cans/carton or 48 PCS * 300G/carton