Product model RAP-38 Alloy Putty (BPO) Product category Polyester Putty
Product details
RAP-38 Alloy Putty Car Paint Auto Paint Car Coating Automotive Paint Car Refinish

             RAP-38  Alloy Putty (BPO System)
Characteristic BPO Light Weight Body Filler for Auto Refinish. Components: Unsaturated polyester resin, styrene, additives, talc, etc. American Technology, smooth spreading makes for easy application, advanced blended resin technology, a unique ingredient which reduces heat and friction created by aggressive sanding, making it one of Rapicoat easiest sanding body fillers. Excellent adhesion and feather edging on various substrates, including galvanized steel, bare steel and aluminum. Best cost performance and NO.1 selling product in Rapicoat Light weight body filler range, production with vacuum, tack free, clog free.  
Substrates Surface of sandblasting steel, aluminum, iron & various metal castings; or in the specified coating  
Substrates Treatment Remove the rusted phosphor,oil,old paint film,and water completely with solvent and sanding machine.
Mixing ratio (by weight) Alloy Putty:  Special hardener = 100 : 1~3 (by weight) 
The non-incorporation None of Paint thinner during using Alloy Putty
Activation Time 3 to 5 minutes / 25
Drying Time 30 to 60 minutes / 25
Sandability Less than P100 sand paper pneumatic sanding 
Shelf Life 12 months since the production date if sealed and kept in a cool and dry place 
Packing 3.5KG*4 cans/carton