Product model RAP 500 Hardener Series Product category 2K solid colour/clear coat hardener series
Product details 固化剂MSDS 2018-9-13-Hardener.pdf
RAP-500 Hardener Series
Characteristic: 2K topcoat and clear coat cross-linking hardener,excellent weathering,to match different products,application area and temperature
Match with 2K Solid Colors、Clear Coat
Fast dry Hardener RAP-500-3 Fast drying for topcoat and overall,suitable for spot repair and ≤ 15℃ application
Standard Hardener RAP500-1 Standard drying, suitable for spot repair and overall refinish at 15-25℃.
Slow dry Hardener RAP-500-2 Slow drying for topcoat and overall,suitable for overall refinish at 25-30℃
Remarks 2K Topcoat, Clearcoat series
Shelf Life 2 years in original sealed
Package "1Lx12 tins/ctn.??0.5x12tins/ctn